In 1ml; 5mg vit-B1 (tiamin Hcl), 2mg vit-B2(riboflavin5'sodyum fosfat), 2mg vit-B6 (pridoksin Hcl), 20mg niasin (niasinamid), 4mcg vit-B12(Siyanokobalamin), 10mg D-pantenol

20, 50, 100 ml honey color glass vials were presented in cardboard box.

Target Type:
Horse, cattle, sheep, lamb, goat, calf, capricorn, foal, cat, dog, rabbit

Administration and Dosage:

Bevital is administered intramuscularly and intravenously one or two times in a week.

Cattle-Horse 15-30 ml
Lamb-Calf 5-10 ml
Sheep-Goat 5-10 ml
Dog 1-5 ml
Cat-Rabbit 1 ml
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